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Fixing the USPS (US Postal Service) Deficit

Posted by Rex Critchlow on August 22, 2011

For too many years now I have maintained a post office box – at a cost of about $50 per year. I’ve often wondered why it is that I have to pay so much for a box that requires little to no maintenance and is so much more convenient to the postal workers than it is to me. Then it hit me – they’re doing it all backwards.

The solution is simple – FREE POST OFFICE BOXES and PAY FOR HOME DELIVERY. For everyone that wants to-your-door delivery, there is an additional fee. For everyone that wants to use PO boxes, they’re free. Think about it – no more maintenance on vehicles, gasoline and you can cut the labor force dramatically. Granted, we don’t have enough PO boxes today, but if we started migrating neighborhoods to large stations with no attendees – although they may need some sort of lighting, element protection and even a security camera – all is cheaper than paying these people to walk (or drive) door-to-door.

The suburbs and apartment complexes are easy. But there should be a minimum number of boxes per location – say 200. Traditional city housing could be blocked into ten square blocks which would typically be about 1500-1600 homes. There are certainly some issues with this idea – like where to put these boxes, but it would, in the long run, save a lot of money.



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