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If I were elected President, I would…pt 1

Posted by Rex Critchlow on August 17, 2011

This is the introductory post for a series I will be developing detailing what I would do if I were elected President of the united states. Beyond the first post on Jobs, they will fall in no particular order. As a topic strikes my fancy, I will blog about it. I will be addressing issues facing the United States today without spouting the partisan talking points of the politicians and media.

Admittedly, I have no political experience and honestly, I don’t want to be a politician. If called by the people to lead them, I would, but it is not something I have any desire to do.

I describe myself as Moderate (something Rush claims is not possible). To better define my position, I am a fiscal conservative with a liberal social bend. I strongly identify with Libertarian ideals of a small, tightly restricted¬† federal government. By fiscally conservative I mean that the government should not be allowed to throw money at every problem, special interest or political grail that one side or the other holds as holy – Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Military, et al. With my liberal social bend, I adhere to the teachings of Mr. Thomas – my 10th grade English teacher – “Your rights end where the next man’s nose begins.” Please refrain from calling this sexist, as it applies to ALL people – it just has roots from decades – if not centuries before political correctness.

The proposed format for my posts is to outline a policy I would, as President, implement (or remove), followed by a discussion of the relevant research I have gathered for that particular policy. If the topic is relatively short, I will include as much research as possible with the policy post. However, if the topic is complicated I will create a separate post that teaches what I know about the topic and simply refer to that post as supporting documentation. Regardless of the direction of a post, I will do my best to document where I have gathered all of my facts and figures so you can do some research for yourself, and make your own conclusions.

The posts I have planned for the immediate furure cover:

  • Job creation through energy independence
  • How the proposed changes in the electoral college will actually subvert the presidential election process as defined by the constitution
  • How free trade affects the US in the short and long term.

Realistically, I can’t be right all the time and there will undoubtedly be research I have missed. I encourage you to comment, send me links and references to facts that discount my assertions or that simply bolster another point of view. However, I expect any comments, debates or arguments to be conducted in a polite and respectful manner. No name-calling, finger-pointing or otherwise nasty implications. Such comments will be unceremoniously deleted without response. You will be welcome to repost a revised, polite version – should you so choose.

Finally, I don’t expect everyone to agree on anything – even the premise of this series. Should my perspective be proven incorrect, I will gladly retract my proposed policy and post a new ‘correct’ version. My most sincere hope here is that we will all learn something…many somethings – together.


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